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Karen Jones
Death for Beginners will help readers:
Save money
Save time
Make hard decisions quick and easily
Plan efficiently
Plan for others
Gain peace of mind
Mind your manners
Get what you want
Who knew dying could be this much fun? Death
for Beginners makes funeral planning, smart,
thrifty, stress-free and funny.
Author Karen Jones hasn't died yet...but this hasn't stopped her from exploring
every aspect of one of today's most taboo subjects. Humorous, insightful, and
completely practical, her books helps readers quickly accomplish the difficult but
necessary task of planning for death.

From body disposal to funeral planning, to writing a will,
Death for Beginners,
shows readers how to plan ahead with practicality, frugality, and efficiency. Jones'
advice is serious, but her spade full of graveside humor is not. Written in a time
saving "grab, read, do, and get on with your life" bullet point format,
Death for
, lets readers quickly grab essential information, decide what issues are
most important to them, and further explore these topics. Jones spells out for
readers their options, costs, pros and cons, and how to make sure that the living will
do what you tell them even after you're dead. (No Ouija board required)
We highly recommend this book. Purchase it right now from "The Memorial Source".
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