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Major Cemeteries We Visited
The Necro Tourist at the Grave of Pulic Enemy #1 Al Capone
(TNT Images (c) 2019, Photo: Charlotte Graves)
Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, IL
(TNT Images (c) 2019, Ken Naegele)
Travelog- Route 27
(Kentucky & Ohio)
Travelog- Spring Grove,
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY

Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, OH

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH

Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville TN

Andrew Johnson Natl. Cemetery,
Greeneville, TN

Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, IL

Christ Church Burial Ground,
Philadelphia, PA

Greenlawn Cemetery, Wheeling, WV

Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, MD

Glenwood Cemetery, Flint, MI
Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit, MI

Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA

Green Lawn Cemetery, Portsmouth, OH

Mound Cemetery, Marietta, OH

Old Gray Cemetery, Knoxville TN

Dayton Natl. Cemetery, Dayton, OH

Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo, OH

Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA

Soldiers Natl. Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA

Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, NJ

Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, KY

Laurel Hill, Philadelphia, PA
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Travelog- Wesleyan,
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Two of our Most Favorite Adventures
East Coast History
Adventure (05-14-19 -- 05-22-19)
This was the Much Anticipated Trip for
the Spring. We Went Throughout
Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh, Lancaster,
Philadelphia and More. We Also Traveled
Along the East Coast To New Jersey, New
York, Delaware, and Virginia. We Visited
8 President's Graves And Dozens of Other
Majorly Famous Americans like Benjamin
Franklin. We Also Visited Gettysburg. Yes
Like I Said, the Big Trip of the Spring.
Kentucky Eclipse Trip
(8-20-2017 -- 8-21-17)
We Headed South To Russellville, KY for
the Solar Eclipse & over two Days We
Visited 21 Cemeteries in a Dozen Counties
and Several Cities. This was a Great Trip

We went out in search of several
cemeteries that we've never visited
before. Then we grabbed a few more.
We headed to Metmora Indiana and
while there we found a few surprised
we did not expect. We also found what
we came for.
We visited 2 local cemeteries to capture
Angelo Grippo and Harry Husman the
'Chip Kings' of the Tri-state and beyond.
We visited nearby Arlington Memorial
Gardens to find a specific grave and
captured some autumn foliage as well.
We headed to Mansfield, Ohio to go to
the Haunted House at the Mansfield's
Ohio State Reformatory. We made one
other stop along the way.
We visited 3 local cemeteries to get some
of the color changes. We shot at a few
favs and did some video as well.
We visited 11 cemeteries in 5 Ohio counties.
We acquired some long desired targets
and met up with a few friends.
Georgia Bound
(10-23-20 - 10-26-20)
We headed to Stone Mountain Georgia,
and made stop for Ty Cobb and Martin
Luther King as Well. Atlanta's Oakland
Cemetery is a must.
We attended the funeral procession of
fallen Sheriff's Deputy Cpl. Adam
McMillan at Arlington Memorial Gardens
Funeral Procession
We were at Wesleyan Cemetey for
another tour and tracked down some
famous graves there & at Spring Grove.
Rose Hill Cemetery in far eastern
Hamilton County is the target of this
stop to visit the grave of Revolutionary
War Veteran John Rose & family
It was Halloween, a full Moon and a
Blue Moon, so we headed to nearby Mt.
Pleasant Cemetery. Chaos ensued.
Cemetery Blue Moon
We tracked down another old and
defunct Cincinnati Cemetery. What
happened to these bodies? Are they there,
or have they been moved?
We visited three big Carolina cities over
three days. Asheville, and Charlotte in
North Carolina. Columbia was the
target in SC and Whatever we found.
We went on the hunt for some of the
famously haunted graves at the local
haunted cemetery. Legends or Bust?
We re-visited Carolina, mostly targeting
the missing 638 from earlier this season
in North Carolina.