A "Deathiversary" is quite simply, the
anniversary, of the date of someone's death.
In this case deathiversaries of famous or
significant people throughout history.

Deathiversaries became extremely popular
with The Funeral Source's social media
visitors, so we decided to make it a
permanent part of our site.
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Celebrity Deaths
News about the deaths of the
famous. Those recognized
around the world for their
accomplishments or
circumstances. The first step
towards becoming the
"Gravely Famous", and then
celebrating a
December 7th
Steve Reevis, (Actor- Dances w/ Wolves, Fargo) died at 55.
December 5th
Ron Meyer, (Head coach of SMU, Patriots and Colts) died at 55.
December 4th
John Anderson, (Illinois Congressman, Presidential Candidate) died at 95.
Ernest Finney, (South Carolina's first African-American Chief Justice) died at 95.

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December 1st
Perry Wallace, (First black basketball player in the Southeastern Conference)
died at 69.
November 24th
Mitch Margo, (Member of the Tokens: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight") died at 70.
November 30th
Jim Nabors, (Gomer Pyle on "The Andy
Griffith Show" and "Gomer Pyle,
U.S.M.C.") died at 87.
November 21st
Wayne Cochran, (Blues Singer, "White Knight of Soul") died at 78.
November 27th
Bud Moore, (NASCAR Hall of Famer, World War II Hero) died at 92.
November 25th
Rance Howard, (Actor, Ron Howard's Father) died at 89.
November 22nd
Tommy Keene, (Singer-Songwriter, Power Pop Rock) died at 59.
John Thierry, (NFL defensive end, first round pick for the Chicago Bears in
1994) died at 46.
Anthony Senerchia, (Inspired the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) died at 46.
Jon Hendricks, (Jazz Vocalist, "James Joyce of Jive") died at 96.
David Cassidy, (Singer, Actor, 70's Teen-Idol, Co-star of "The Partridge
Family,") died at 67.
November 19th
Jana Novotna, (Wimbledon Champion, Three Olympic Medalist) died at 49.
Della Reese, (Actress, Singer,  Tess on "Touched by an Angel,") died at age 86.
November 20th
Terry Glenn, (NFL Wide Receiver, Cowboys & Patriots) died at 43.
(Left)-Tribute to Jim Nabors in Christmas lights at the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

(Photo (c) 2017, B. Sauer)
Recent Celebrity Deaths
December 12th
December 13th
December 10th
December 11th
December 9th
Kevin Robinson , (BMX Gold Medalist) died at 45.
Simeon Booker, (First African-American Washington Post Reporter) died at 99.
Tracy Stallard, (MLB Pitcher, gave up Roger Maris' 61st home run in '61) died
at 80.
Ed Lee, (San Francisco's first Asian-American Mayor) died at 65.
Bruce Brown, (Director- Endless Summer) died at 80.
Suzanna Leigh, (Actress,- Paradise, Hawaiian Style) died at 72.
Zarley Zalapski, (NHL Defenseman) died at 49.
Pat DiNizio, (Lead singer of The Smithereens) died at 62.
Tommy Nobis, (NFL Linebacker- Atlanta Falcons) died at 74.
Frank Lary, (All Star MLB Pitcher- Detroit Tigers) died at 87.
December 21st
December 19th
December 16th
December 18th
Bruce McCandless, (First Astronaut to Fly Untethered in Space) died at 80.
Dick Enberg, (Hall of Fame Broadcaster known for "Oh my!") died at 82.
Mamie Peanut Johnson, (First Woman Pitcher in Negro Leagues) died at 82.
Keely Smith, (Jazz Singer, Louis Prima's Partner) died at 89.
Amtrak Train Derailment Victims, (Tacoma, Washington)
December 25th
December 28th
Raymond Brown, (NFL, Sugar Bowl MVP, Ole Miss in 1958) died at 81.
Rose Marie, (Comedy Actress-Sally Rogers, Dick Van Dyke Show) died at 94.
December 29th
January 2nd
January 5th
January 4th
Peggy Cummins, (Actress- Gun Crazy) died at 92.
Rick Hall, (Music Producer- Muscle Shoals Sound) died at 85.
Thomas S. Monson, (President of Mormon Church) died at 90.
Bruce Halle, (Founder of Discount Tire) died at 87.
Ray Thomas, (Flautist, Founding Member of The Moody Blues) died at 76.
Jerry Van Dyke, (Comedy Actor- Luther on Coach) died at 86.
John Young, (Astronaut Walked on Moon, Commanded First Space Shuttle
Flight) died at 87.
January 8th
Denise LaSalle, (Singer, the "Queen of the Blues,") died at 78.
Doreen Tracey, (Original Disney Mouseketeer) died at 74.
January 9th
Southern California Mudslide Victims, (At least 8 people).
January 6th
Dave Toschi , (S.F. Detective, leadinvestigator of the Zodiac serial-killer) died
at 86.
January 10th
Edward "Fast Eddie" Clarke, (Former Motorhead & Fastway Guitarist) died
at 67.
January 12th
Keith Jackson, (College Football Announcer- ABC "Oh Nellie") died at 89.
January 7th
Anna Mae Hays, (First Female General in the U.S. Military) died at 97.
January 27th
January 24th
January 20th
January 19th
January 17th
Simon Shelton Barnes, (Played Tinky Winky on "Teletubbies") died at 52.
Olivia Cole, (Actress, Emmy Winner, "Roots,") died at 75.
Walter Skold, (Founder of the Dead Poets Society of America) died at 57.
Jack Ketchum, (Horror and Screenplay Writer) died at 71.
Mark E. Smith, (Singer, Post-Punk Band, The Fall) died at 60.
Warren Miller, (Legendary Ski Filmmaker) died at 93.
Mort Walker, (Cartoonist, "Beetle Bailey" and "Hi and Lois") died at 94.
Ingvar Kamprad, (Founder of IKEA) died at 91.