Funeral rites are as old as the
human race itself. Every culture and
civilization has attended to the proper
care of their dead. Every human culture
ever studied has three common threads
for death and the disposition of their

*Ceremonies, funeral rites, or rituals

*A place for the dead viewed as sacred

*Memorials for the deceased

Funeral rites are different in all parts of the world, though they all show one
common theme, reverence for the deceased dating back to the times of
Neanderthal man  60,000 BC to the modern man, ceremonies have existed
around the world to honor the dead. Whether they be elaborate or a simple grave
marker, all cultures celebrate death, with their own unique or time honored

Each society throughout time has created and practiced their own form of  
remembrance of the dead. We have gathered information from around the globe,
to make you aware of, other countries, or your ancestors ceremonies for disposal
of their dead.

This section is done by continent, then by countries within those areas. If you
have any information that you would like to share, please contact us.
Funerals Around the World
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