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Major Cemeteries We Visited in 2017

Bellefontaine, St. Louis, MO

Riverview Cemetery, Aurora, IN

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, IL

Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

East Hill Cemetery, Rushville, IN

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH

Holy Cross/St. Joseph Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN

Earl Ham Cemetery, Richmond, IN
Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri
(TNT Images (c) 2017, Ken Naegele)
Huser Cemetery (6:47 pm)
Travelog- Ft. Wayne, Toledo, & Detroit
Lows Cemetery (2:42 pm)
Green Park Cemetery (5:24 pm)
St. Joseph River, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
(Allen Co.)
Right down the road from Johnny Appleseed is the St.
Joseph river. Stop by and take a stroll. Just make
sure it's not dusk, or the Mosquitoes will get you.
Parkland, Indiana (Jay Co.)
Kunce Cemetery (4:54 pm)
Bluff Point Cemetery (4:57 pm)
M.R.E. Cemetery (6:38 pm)
Roadside Sightings

Lows Cemetery
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)
End of the Day in Ft. Wayne., Indiana
(TNT Images (c) 2018, Photo: Ken Naegele)
Saint Johns Catholic Cemetery (7:17 pm)
Levi Coffin (Fountain City, Indiana)
(TNT Images (c) 2018, Photo: Ken Naegele
This Cemetery was on the way. Its also a
location we missed on a previous shoot. Tiny
little family cemetery.
This is a strange little cemetery located right in the middle of field. No real reason
to visit unless you're family. Glad we could prove that to you.
Classic small town america cemetery. Nicely
manicured. Approximately 300 burials.
Targeted cemetery, with a Medal of honor recipient and a few other famous graves.
Interestingly, the local Fire Dept. was there placing flags for fallen firefighters,
for Memorial Day 2018.
Located on SR 27. Classic small Catholic cemetery. Quite a few older graves. Neat
and orderly like a cemetery should be.
AKA Hoosier Cemetery. Amish area which gave us an
audience for this shoot. maybe this cemetery is the
start of tradition "Hoosier"?
AKA Mennonite Reformed Evangelical Cemetery. It has
nearly 7,000 burials. Nice place in a nice town
Camden, Ohio (Preble Co.)
Green Park Cemetery
(TNT Images (c) Photo: C. Graves)
Concordia Lutheran Cemetery (7:43 pm)
AKA Old Concordia Lutheran Cemetery. Est in 1850, this is one of the oldest cemeteries
in Ft. Wayne. It was cool, but not as interesting as we expected. On Grant Ave.
New Haven, Indiana (Allen Co.)
Berne, Indiana (Adams Co.)
Newport Cemetery (4:04 pm)
Cemetery located on SR 122. Nice local cemetery. Several nice plantings. Over 900
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (4:25 pm)
AKA Snowhill Cemetery. Small community cemetery located right on east side of SR
27. It appears to be well maintained. Interesting with the contrast of all the
surrounding windmills.
Johnny Appleseed Memorial Park (8:06 pm)
AKA David Archer Cemetery. Located right in the
middle of the park. This features John
grave, and few cemetery neighbors that were
Catholic Cemetery (8:45 pm)
Just Catholic Cemetery. Yeah, that's what we thought.
The "Rosary" planting was cool but it's just "new".
Ft. Wayne, Indiana (Allen Co.)
Concordia Cemetery Gardens
(8:56 pm)
Right down the road from the Catholic Cemetery. Nothing bad about this place, just
nothing exciting either. They do have a nice chapel and war memorial. Worth a few
Highest Point in Indiana (3:58 pm)
Fountain City is the "Highest Point in Indiana". I think that's subjective. There is a sign
so I guess it must be true?
George Porter Home (6:21 pm)
Another road side stop for the home of Author
George Porter. It was cool. Worth the effort of a
quick stop.
Located in Geneva, Indiana (Adams Co.)
Levi Coffin Home (3:43 pm)
We stopped at Fountain City to see the house and stop by the museum. Kinda cool.
Worth the time to stop if time is no pressure. Right on SR 27.

We headed North to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. On the Way we Made a Few Unscheduled
Stops in Indiana Along US 27. The Following Day, We Started in Toledo, Ohio. Then
Finished the Shoot with Cemeteries in Detroit, Michigan
Jay County, Indiana
Boston Cemetery (3:19 pm)
Cemetery located on SR 27. Little place but in desperate need of mowing.
Approximately 100 burials. I couldn't see many of them.
Boston, Indiana (Wayne Co.)
Fountain City, Indiana (Wayne Co.)
Lynn, Indiana (Randolph Co.)
Bluff Point, Indiana (Jay Co.)
Adams County, Indiana
Allen County, Indiana
St. Peters Lutheran Church Cemetery (9:09 pm)
AKA Goeglein Cemetery. Located at Maysville & E. State Blvd. Final location of the
day. Nice way to finish. Great mixture of stones from a century or so.
Day One: May 23, 2018
Day Two: May 24, 2018 (Toledo & Detroit
Berne, Indiana
(TNT Images (c) Photo: C. Graves)
Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)
George Porter House
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)