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Major Cemeteries We Visited in 2017

Bellefontaine, St. Louis, MO

Riverview Cemetery, Aurora, IN

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, IL

Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

East Hill Cemetery, Rushville, IN

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH

Holy Cross/St. Joseph Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN

Earl Ham Cemetery, Richmond, IN
Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri
(TNT Images (c) 2017, Ken Naegele)
Henry Ridge & Bauer Cemeteries (3:15 pm)
Travelog- Snow White, Brown Co., Ohio
Neville Cemetery (12:46 pm)
Maple Wood Cemetery (2:00 pm)
Ripley Tobacco Museum
Ripley, Ohio (Brown Co.)-across the street from Maple Wood Cemetery.
Ripley, Ohio (Brown Co.)
Chilo Cemetery (1:20 pm)
Higginsport Cemetery (1:40 pm)
Charter Oak Cemetery (2:35 pm)
Roadside Sightings
Ripley, Ohio Outskirt Areas

Neville Vesper Cemetery
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)
The Road to Snow White Brown Co., Ohio
(TNT Images (c) Photo: C. Graves)
Heitts Chapel/Shelton Cemetery
(3:38 pm)
Gen. Thomas Hamer (Georgetown, Oh)
(TNT Images (c) 2018, Photo: Ken Naegele
This is a small cemetery located on Neville Penn Schoolhoouse Rd.on the way to
Vesper. A few interesting stones, and raised family plot.
North St Rt 222 from St Rt 52. The climbing road
reveals the cemetery at top. Small but diverse .
Small cemetery on SR 221, north of SR 52. Hard to access, as there is no real pull off.
Located on SR 52 in Ripley, Nice War Memorial and varied markers Including Famous
Grave: John Rankin (Abolishionist). Hard to miss as it is a really nice metal bust.
Located on North Pole Rd., bonus you get to cross
old covered bridge! Sweeping views to Kentucky
Located off North POle Rd, Henry Ridge is farm
land. Bonus : Bauer Cemetery butted up against.
Located just to left of SR 52, Personally would go through old section and enjoy
river scenery.
Brown County Fairgrounds
Georgetown, Ohio (Brown Co.) Surrounds Old Georgetown Cem. on 3 sides.
Neville & Chilo, Ohio. (Clermont Co.)
Heitts Chapel/Shelton Cemetery
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)
Redoak Presbyterian Church Cemetery (4:11 pm)
Off SR 68/62 on Cemetery Rd. Nice historic church. beyond Aunt Jemima, there are 3
Rev War vets in old section.Oldest Cem in County
Redoak, Ohio (Brown Co.)
Aberdeen, Ohio (Brown Co.)
Neville Vesper Cemetery (12:50 pm)
Further north on Neville Penn Schoolhouse Rd. road starts to climb and the
cemetery on left. Quite a few local families buried here, pretty location in summer.
Edgington Mound (1:00 pm)
This is a really cool stop along St Rt 52, just east of
Neville. Be sure to pull into the campground
driveway, and park. There is a plaque in ground,
and NRHP sign at road.
Old Redoak Cemetery (4:42 pm)
Linn Cemetery Rd. off W. Henry Rd. Assortment of families with cast iron fencing. At
least one Rev War vet.
Confidence Cemetery (5:11 pm)
The largest Cemetery in Brown Co. Has a few great features to check out; mauso,
IOOF Chapel, and lighted Gazebo for outdoor services.
Georgetown, Ohio (Brown Co.)
Old Georgetown Cemetery (5:49 pm)
In front of county fairgrounds. Has all older stones and nice family iron fences.
warm weather preferred! NIcknamed the 7:30 cem due to No signage but hours it is
closed 7:30pm- 7:30am.
Grant Schoolhouse (5:30 pm)
South of town square (open 12-5) offers tours, and has interesting signage to Read.
NRHP location.
Grant Childhood Home (5:37 pm)
Nice NHRP location, open 12-5, nice restoration and signs to commemorate Grants
Covered Bridge (3:29 pm)
On way to Hiett Chapel Cem., The North Pole Bridge. Really nice example of old
school engineering!
We headed East to Brown County, Ohio. On the Way we Made a Few Unscheduled Stops
in Clermont County, Ohio. This was a Cabin Fever, Nice Warm Winter Day, and Snowy
Targets Kinda Trip.
Brown County, Ohio
Ohio Historical Marker (Camp Aman)
Georgetown, Ohio (Brown Co.) In front of Ripley School.
Ohio Historical Marker (Gen. Thomas Hamer)
Georgetown, Ohio (Brown Co.)located in 'Grant boyhood home' yard.