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Major Cemeteries We Visited in 2017

Bellefontaine, St. Louis, MO

Riverview Cemetery, Aurora, IN

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, IL

Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

East Hill Cemetery, Rushville, IN

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH

Holy Cross/St. Joseph Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN

Earl Ham Cemetery, Richmond, IN
The Necro Tourist at the Calvary Cemetery in
Indianapolis, Indiana
(TNT Images (c) 2017, Photo: C. Graves)
Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri
(TNT Images (c) 2017, Ken Naegele)
Lebanon Cemetery (2:59 pm)
Travelog- Warren Co. Run (Ohio)
Miami Cemetery (8:38 am)
WoodHill Cemetery (12:15 pm)
St. Vincent De Paul Cemetery
Waldron, Indiana (Shelby Co.)
Heritage Hills Memory Garden (10:50 am)
Springboro Cemetery (11:06 am)
Red Lion Cemetery (2:25 pm)
Roadside CEmetery Sightings

Holy Cross/St. Joseph Cemetery
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)
The Road to Greensburg
(TNT Images (c) Photo: C. Graves)
Lebanon Pioneer Cemetery (4:27 pm)
Shooting Him Shooting the Moon at
the Forest Hill Cemetery
(TNT Images (c) 2017, Photo: C. Graves
COrwin Ave. Really nice cemetery, cared for and it shows. Sexton was very helpful.
Famous grave finds include a poet, an artist and a couple congressmen.
SR 48, south of SR 73. Relatively new memorial
park. We were in neighborhood.
W. Lower Springfield Rd. on both sides of road. The
old section offers a nice history lesson.
Hamilton Middletown Rd. Decievingly larger than it looked at first glance.
Decorated nicely,beautiful array of markers, Civil War Memorial, and an
interesting mausoleum.
W. Main St/s. West St. Oldest cemetery in Warren
Co. Tons of history, sad to look upon. Parking
difficult, enter at back.
Hunter St. Largest Cem in Warren CO., Famous
Graves include;M-O-H receipient, an Ohio Gov.,a
congressmen, and a couple CW Vets.
SR 123 @ SR 122, cemetery has no egress, but pull over on shoudler and check out the
Rev War vet's graves.
St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery
Laughery Twp., Indiana (Ripley Co.)
South Park Cemetery
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)
Union Twp. Deerfield Cemetery (5:09 pm)
Shawhan Rd., Has a really  small white chapel in good shape, and profess to have
burials from 1801, More daylight would light the way to them.
South Lebanon
Red Lion