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Travelog- The Ohio Presidential Tour

Major Cemeteries We Visited in 2016

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY

Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, OH

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH

Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville TN

Andrew Johnson Natl. Cemetery, Greeneville, TN
The Necro Tourist at the Andrew Johnson Natl. Cemetery
& Warren G. Harding Tomb
Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY
(TNT Images (c) 2016, C. Graves)
Travelog- Louisville Kentucky (5-14-16)
Williamsburg Cemetery (3:35 pm) *Haunted
Travelog- Route 27 (Kentucky & Ohio)
Travelog- Dayton, Ohio
Covered Bridge (7:00 pm) *Haunted
Add Dayton Cemeteries (0:00 pm)
Boston M.E. Church Cemetery (5:12 pm)
Greenbriar Cemetery (2:55 pm)
Arlington Memorial Gardens (2:50 pm) (11-04-17)
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Travelog- Hamilton Co. & Walker, Ohio (6-09-16)
Travelog- East Hamilton Co., Ohio (6-17-16)
Saint Louis Cemetery (5:30 pm)
Travelog- Indiana (7-16-16)
Travelog- Indianapolis, Indiana (6-28-16)
Batavia Union Cemetery (1:43 pm)
Travelog- Memorial Day (5-29-16)
Travelog- Oxford, Ohio (4-25-16)
Travelog- Pierce, 5 Mile & Evergreen (6-11-16)
Travelog- Pioneer Cemetery Cincinnati  (5-10-16)
Clover Cemetery (4:30 pm)
St. Philomena Cemetery (6:44 pm)
Full Moon (8:25 pm)
Stonelick Twp. Cemetery (5:48 pm)
Travelog- Spring Grove Cincinnati, Ohio
4-10-17 ** 11-18-16 ** 10-17-16 **

Travelog- Dayton, Ohio (6-03-16)
Travelog- Dayton, Ohio (6-29-15)
Travelog- West Virginia (4-16-16)
Greenbriar Cemetery
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)
Covered Bridge, Clermont Co.
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)
Williamsburg School (4:53 pm) *Haunted
Full Moon, Clermont Co.
(TNT Images (c) Photo: Ken Naegele)