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Necro Tourist Adventures
Travelogs from the Adventures of
the Necro Tourist
Travelog- The Ohio Presidential Tour (2-15-15)

Major Cemeteries We Visited in 2016

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY

Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, OH

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH

Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville TN

Andrew Johnson Natl. Cemetery, Greeneville, TN
The Necro Tourist at the Andrew Johnson Natl. Cemetery
& Warren G. Harding Tomb
Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY
(TNT Images (c) 2016, C. Graves)
Travelog- Louisville, Kentucky (5-14-16)
Travelog- S. E. Indiana Bound (2-24-17)
Travelog- Route 27 (Kentucky & Ohio)
Travelog- Clermont Co., Ohio (9-20-16)
Travelog- N. E. Clermont Co., Ohio (11-5-17)
Travelog- Clermont Co., Ohio (2-18-17)
Travelog- Linden Grove & the Mounds (11-3-17)
Travelog- Columbus, Ohio (7-15-17)
Travelog- Columbus, Ohio (7-30-16)
Travelog- Evergreen Xmas, Kentucky (12-25-16)
Travelog- Hamilton Co. & Walker, Ohio (6-09-16)
Travelog- East Hamilton Co., Ohio (6-17-16)
Travelog- Harrison's Tomb, Ohio (11-18-16)
Travelog- Indiana (4-30-17)
Travelog- Indiana (7-16-16)
Travelog- Indianapolis, Indiana (6-28-16)
Travelog- Jewish Cemetery, (Clifton) (10-05-16)
Travelog- Kentucky Eclipse Trip (8-20-2017 - 8-21-17)
Travelog- Lexington, Kentucky (9-16-16)
Travelog- Memorial Day Weekend (5-29-16)
Travelog- Oxford, Ohio (4-25-16)
Travelog- Pierce, 5 Mile & Evergreen (6-11-16)
Travelog- Pioneer Cemetery, Cincinnati  (5-10-16)
Travelog- Pioneer & St. Peter Cemeteries  (8-13-16)
Travelog- Richmond, Indiana (6-28-17)
Travelog- St. John, Wesleyan & Spring Grove (4-10-17)
Travelog- Illinois & Missouri (2-17-17)
Travelog- Walnut Hills (2-23-17)
Travelog- Spring Grove, Cincinnati, Ohio

Travelog- Dayton, Ohio (6-03-16)
Travelog- Dayton, Ohio (6-29-15)
Travelog- West Virginia (4-16-16)
Travelog- To Indy and Back (11-28-17)
We Headed West To Indianapolis, Indiana, for Targeted Cems. We Also Made Stops in
Shelbyville and Greensburg on the Way Back. Lots to See, with Some Famous Graves
Linden Grove in Covington, KY Has Built a New Entrace, and it's Nice. We Also Made
Stops at to of the Ancient Indian Burial Mounds in Hamilton Co., Ohio
We Headed South To Russellville, KY for the Solar Eclipse & over two Days We Visited
21 Cemeteries in a Dozen Counties and Several Cities. This was a Great Trip
We Made Stops AT 9 Cems in Batavia, Williamsburg, Stone Lick Twp, and More. We also
Visited a Haunted School, and Laid Eyes on a Haunted Statue
Travelog- Snow White Brown County (01-20-18)
We Headed East To Brown County, Ohio, for Aunt Jemima, Found Indian Mounds and
So Much More. But it was Cold and Snowy
Travelog- Warren Co. Run (12-04-17)
We Headed North West
Travelog- US-127 North to Preble County (01-26-18)
We Headed North To Preble County, Ohio
Travelog- Dayton Ohio April 2018 (04-11-18)
We headed North to Dayton, Ohio. Dayton Natl. Cemetery, Dayton memorial Park
Cemetery, Several Celebrities and Medal of Honor Recipients were the Targets
Travelog- Xenia to Wilmington (Ohio) (05-11-18)
Travelog- Ft. Wayne, Toledo & Detroit (05-23-24-18)
Travelog- A June Day in Louisville (06-04-18)
Travelog- Miami County Ohio (07-12-18)
Travelog- Mansfield, Sunbury and More (08-19--20-18)
Travelog- Governor Hunt in Chillocothe (09-11-18)
Travelog- Ohio County Indiana (Plus KY) (08-31-18)
We went to the to Chillicothe Via US 50 Out of Cincinnati. We Targeted a Stop in
Hillsboro for One Governor. We also Went to Chillcothe for Four More. We Also Hit  
a Few Native American Mounds That We've Wanted for Some Time. All Others Bonus.
While Heading North for a Birthday Celebration for One of our Good Friends B.
Sauer, We Planned Several Stops. Mansfield, for a Governor. Sunbury for a
Cemetery and a memorial, and Found Just a Little Bit More.
We Headed East to Ohio County Indiana Which was a Giant Hole on our Target Map.
The Town of Rising Sun was a Target, because it's the home of an Ohio Governor. We
also Made Some Stops in Kentucky on the Return Trip.
Travelog- Along the River: Marietta, Pittsburgh &
More   (10-1018 -- 10-11-18)
We Headed Out to Secure Some Governors in Marietta, and Spend Some Time in
Pittsburgh. We Also Visited Dozens of Other Cemeteries Along the Way in Ohio,
Kentucky, and Pennsylvania
Travelog- Governor Hunt to Cleveland
(10-26-18 -- 10-27-18)
The Hunt for Ohio Governor October continues. While Heading to Cleveland for Some
Unrelated Business, We Made Stops All Along the Way. IStops in Lancaster, Granville,
New Philadelphia, Kent, Cleveland, columbus, and Many Other Untargeted Places.  
Travelog- To Knoxville and Back   (11-09-18 -- 11-12-18)
We headed South Targeting Knoxville, But We Had Plenty of Stops in between. We
made Various Stops in KEntucky to Include Richmond. WE Spent Two Days in Knoxville,
INcluding Veterans Day. On Day Four, We Headed Back with Many More Stops.