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All over the country, and the world, there are renowned and local
companies that make monuments for your burial needs. Some have been
around since the beginning of our
nation, and others are very new.
Markers can be made in all styles,
but if you choose to be buried in a
cemetery then that, is your first
consideration for your choice. Some
cemeteries only allow flat stones,
while others will allow as elaborate
of a monument as you can afford.
Most companies do engraving with
modern computer guided engraving systems. There are a few companies
that still use hand craftsmen to obtain that special style you may be looking
for. As long as we can continue to bury our dead, monument companies
will remain an important part of the funeral industry.
If you would like us to find a monument company in your area, then visit the
The Funeral Source Consumer Services Network for a list of monument
companies near you or in your area of need, that maintain the high standards
of The Funeral Source.
Do you have questions or comments? You can email us directly or choose
any of a variety of ways to contact The Funeral Source
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